General Setting

The footer consists of the content area and the copyright area. Both of these areas can be configured in Podes Options on the Footer tab. You can select to show from 1 to 6 columns in the footer content section, whichever column width you choose will allow the widget area to stretch the full width of the column. Footer widgets are added in the widget section of your admin. The following sections will cover each of these aspects of the footer that are listed below.

Podes currently offers 6 different Footer Layouts, each with its own unique design and set of options. There are several options to customize the footer, as well as the content within it. Please read below to learn how to setup the footer. Navigate to Appearance > Podes Options > Footer to access the footer options. You will see 6 sub-panels for each Footer Layout and Copyright Layout with 3 different Copyright Layouts. See below for information on what each section contains

The main portion can display widgets in 1-6 columns. Widgets add various content or features to your site. They can be added, removed, and rearranged in the Appearance > Widgets tab on your WordPress admin panel.

To enable footer widgets on your site, navigate to the Appearance > Podes Options > Footer panel and switch the ‘Footer Widgets’ option to “On”. Set how many columns you’d like to display by customizing the ‘Number Of Footer Columns’ option.

Footer Width: The footer area display at 100% width according to the window size when you click “on”, Otherwise the footer will have padding footer

Footer Padding: This options allows you to adjust the distance on the left, right, above and below according to your desired footer.

Footer Background: This options allows you to select color for the background, or upload photos from your computer. To set background color or background image, click "Select color" to choose background color or click "Upload" to choose background image for footer.

Footer Borders: You can also completely controllable Footer Color Borders, Borders Width Top Footer in the options

Back To Top: When Enable back to top button. If you are at the bottom of the page, at this, there will appear a button, you just need to click on, it will back to the top of page.

In addition to, this options also allow you to customize Footer Headings Typography, Footer Fonts color, Footer Link color.

To adjust footer copyright, please ensure that you have enabled copyright bar. To enable, navigate to the Appearance > Podes Options > Footer > Copyright Style (such as Copyright 01) and switch Copyright Bar option “On”

Copyright Padding: In this options, it also allows to adjust Copyright Padding, this means that Controls the top / bottom padding for the copyright area. To do this, locate the Copyright Padding and to adjust in cell numbers.

Copyright Background: Also similar to the footer background, this options also allow you to choose background aligned way as choose the color or upload photos.

Copyright Borders: You can also completely controllable Borders Width Copyright in the options.

Copyright Borders Color: help you select color for Borders.

Copyright Borders Width Top: Controls the width of the Copyright border top, scroll bar and selected values from 0px to 50px.

Copyright Alignment: In options also allow you to control the alignment of copyright. You can choose left, center, or right alignment for the copyright.

Copyright Text: Let’s choose content for copyright and type the text that displays in the copyright bar.

Copyright Font Color, Copyright Link Color: Controls the text color of the Copyright font/ Copyright Link.

Copyright Extra Content: In addition to copyright information at the text, you can add other information in the copyright bar: insert social link, copyright extra sidebar.

When you choose to add social links, extra copyright sidebar, It will appear new options, Copyright Extra Position.

Copyright Extra Position: Controls where to displays in the Copyright area. It’s mean extra copyright above, below or symmetrical with Copyright text. (Symmetric is not available when Copyright Alignment center)

See screenshot demo bellow:

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